Let’s help your students discover their lifelong passion for coding!

Give every student at your district a robot with CoderZ's online curriculum, which blends hands-on, project-based, and gamified STEM learning experiences.


CoderZ Adventure

Cyber Robotics 101

Cyber Robotics 102

Python Gym

CoderZ Adventure
Students will learn how to program their OWN virtual robot to navigate in CoderZ Frozen Island, the Lost City, Candy Town, and other exciting locations!
Cyber Robotics 101 
Get students excited to code with highly engaging missions that are based on real-world scenarios!
Cyber Robotics 102 
Meet Ruby the robot! Here to help your students dive deeper into the world of robotics and coding.
Python Gym 
Introduce your students to the world’s #1 programming language - in CoderZ’s ultimate challenge!

Why CoderZ?

It’s our mission to make sure ALL students are able to learn to code.

  • Our curriculum offers a low-floor and high-ceiling - so that every student has the opportunity for growth.
  • We put equity first with multilingual content and Chromebook compatibility.
  • CoderZ is aligned to state and national standards, so you can ensure students are meeting learning targets.

Funding Assistance

And speaking of equity, we work with your team to make sure cost isn't a barrier to robotics for your students.

Currently, we work with grant programs such as CRRSA and CSTA to provide assistance.
And we also partner with Amazon Future Engineers to be able to provide Title 1 schools with 6 months of curriculum and PD - for free.

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